We Salute You, Magnificent Chicken

100% antibiotic and hormone free white breast meat, now in every can of our chicken soup

We are so excited to announce that we are now using only 100% antibiotic and hormone¹ free white meat chicken breasts in all 36 varieties of our chicken soups. That means all your favorite chicken soups including our most beloved Chicken Noodle, Chicken Wild Rice and Chicken Dumpling.

At Progresso, we are passionate about making great soup just like you’d make it at home. We are committed to using only high quality, delicious and wholesome ingredients. In an effort to continuously raise our quality standards, we have been listening closely to what you, our soup fans, care about most. We’ve heard loud and clear that antibiotic free and hormone free chicken is important to you.

For decades, we have been committed to continuously improving the quality of all our soups. Along with our chicken news, we are also proud to say that all our soups are free from artificial flavors and we’ve removed artificial colors from the majority of our soups, working hard to remove 100% by 2019. In addition, we’ve also reduced sodium levels in more than 40 soups varieties, have added seven soups to our certified Gluten Free product line and are committed to increasing our vegetarian soup options. To learn more, visit the lifestyle section of our product page.

¹Federal Regulation prohibits the use of hormones in poultry.

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